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Birth Trauma: does nature give a damn?

Does nature care about a woman’s happiness post-birth? Has birth always been one of life’s most traumatic events? Is birth much easier now than it ever was? Join us in this updated article of ours, mythbusting our way through some important issues raised by a comment on our blog.   In one of our most […]

No, I did not need my traumatic birth for personal growth

Why we need to stop telling women this was the birth they ‘had to have’.   18 years ago, I became mother to a plump little person who emerged from the fiery depths of a traumatic birth, and initiated me into motherhood. The impact of that birth shook me to the core. It rippled out […]

“She Believed She Could” – why this saying has no place in birth.

We’e often seen this quote passed around natural birth groups online : “She believed she could….so she did.” And it’s always bothered us. Because while we wish it was true –  we wish that determination was enough – unfortunately in our birthing culture, it often isn’t. And because most women don’t know that – the […]