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Two traumatic births, ten years of silence – why author Emily Woof is a woman wronged.

A few weeks ago, one woman’s birth stories raised the ire – and fear levels –  of women in different parts of the world. Things were a-buzz in cyberspace when actor & author Emily Woof’s article titled “Lets Be Honest About Childbirth” was published by the Guardian in the UK.  (you can read it here)  After […]

Childbirth…as traumatic as a midair QANTAS flight emergency?

At, we often hear traumatised women describe their birth as a car crash, or a train wreck.  You might say, “But that’s just birth”, and dismiss these women as especially ‘sensitive’ or ‘over-reacting’.    But perhaps, could it be an entirely accurate analogy, to compare ones traumatic birth to a vehicular disaster of epic proportions? […]

The Truth About Traumatic Birth is…

Well, the truth is…there are so many lies about traumatic birth! Lies, and myths and misperceptions, that each serve to maintain the deception that women must just ‘get over it’ and ‘be grateful’.  These lies and myths are fed largely by ignorance, and perpetuated by the media, by health professionals, and even by ourselves. Everyone […]