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The Pitfalls of ‘Going With The Flow’ in Birth

So many of us aim to ‘just go with the flow’ as our birthplan. But could the gentle flow of birth we envisage actually be undermined with this approach? Could ‘going with the flow’ even be detrimental to a positive start to life for your new family?   Birthtalk.org (authors of How to Heal a […]

There is a secret in our culture, but it is not that women are strong. Why some birth quotes may be damaging to women.

The truth is, in our culture, strength is simply not always enough to carry a woman through the birthing journey. There is a current trend in online social networking sites that cater to birthing women to broadcast empowering quotes about birth.  Many of these quotes are wonderful reminders of the power and strength of women’s […]

Two traumatic births, ten years of silence – why author Emily Woof is a woman wronged.

A few weeks ago, one woman’s birth stories raised the ire – and fear levels –  of women in different parts of the world. Things were a-buzz in cyberspace when actor & author Emily Woof’s article titled “Lets Be Honest About Childbirth” was published by the Guardian in the UK.  (you can read it here)  After […]