Many women who have had a traumatic birth retrieve their birth notes to aid in the healing process, and in preparation for a subsequent birth. Going over your notes (especially with a midwife who understands that birth matters) can be very powerful in helping you move to a new level of healing and knowledge. At […]

For a woman who has experienced a traumatic birth, the anticipation of her child’s upcoming birthday can be intense. When there is an event looming that threatens to take her back to the feelings of the birth, which she often has not had a chance to process, it can feel like being held captive on […]

This is Melissa (not Melissa from Birthtalk - another Melissa!) meeting her daughter Mia in an empowering, positive, water birth.

A woman called Megan had written a blogpost in response to one of our articles she had seen published in Pathways magazine. She has sent us a link to her response, thus inviting a comment. We have chosen to publish our comment here, as we felt the issues Megan raised need addressing, as a few […]

  In one of our most popular blogposts, titled “Childbirth – as traumatic as a mid-air QANTAS flight emergency?”, we make the following statement : “Birth can be good.  Which can be a hard thing for a woman traumatised by her birth to hear. But really, it explains one of the reasons that it hurts […]

So many of us aim to ‘just go with the flow’ as our birthplan. But could the gentle flow of birth we envisage actually be undermined with this approach? Could ‘going with the flow’ even be detrimental to a positive start to life for your new family? (authors of How to Heal a […]

We would like to just say a quick “Merry Christmas” and thank all of you for joining Birthtalk this year, as we share the truth about traumatic birth. Since this is the season of ‘giving’, we wanted to share with you that there can be many wonderful gifts that come about as a result of […]

On this blog we deal a lot in the ‘sad truth’ about traumatic birth…but we are pleased to say that there are some ‘happy’ truths out there as well.  One of these happy truths is that women who have had a traumatic birth CAN go on to have wonderful, empowering births.  We have seen many […]